“[The author of World Man About Town has got] a great voice, an unjaundiced but very sharp point of view, and knows how to make a point. [T]here’s something to learn from WMAT’s sense of style and evocation of place. Besides that, he’s fun and thought-provoking. Check him out and follow him. This is going to be a hot blog!” The McVeigh Agency


 “World Man About Town is a blog that deserves to stand out from the crowd for its high-quality language, critical viewpoints, and overall excellent reading.

“This is an intelligent collection of topical subjects that genuinely deserves the thousands of hits it has generated as well as the comments by editors since it joined the blogosphere in January 2010.” Nineteen74


 “This is an independent blog with in-depth considerations about life in London (and other major cities) for the modern man. It focuses on lifestyle, fashion, design, art, politics, etc, and has received numerous encouraging comments from readers and literary and magazine editors.

“Following the success of the blog’s launch in January 2010, the founder and editor, João Paulo Nunes, featured in the Fashion Section of The Times newspaper in June 2010 in his capacity as a blogger, and has been invited to write for magazines. His articles have been published in Schön! and Geil Magazines over the last couple of months and he has been invited to cover a number of shows at this season’s London Fashion Week.

“The blog has received very positive comments by editors like us and at other publications.” Fashion Trend Setter


 “Although London-based João Paulo Nunes of World Man About Town stays behind the lens leaving us to wonder which fall sweater he will choose today, his blog has its own style that gives a sense of his personal aesthetic and taste as well as that of “Men About Town” from all over the world.  It’s classic and masculine with detailed posts ranging from the runway to the raceway, from the latest architectural endeavours of the most stylish cities to the architecture of a perfectly fitted three-piece suit.

“Although blogging is a hobby for Nunes, he executes it with a level of professionalism that might make some assume it is also his career. He prides himself on thoroughly researched and well-written posts that take reporting a step further than the average blog.

“With his constant in-depth look at the fashion industry and the affect trends have on the market, TribaSpace considers World Man About Town a kindred spirit who, like us, prides himself on digging deeper.” Triba Space


 “[With the article ‘Evening Wood‘] World Man About Town nailed the best in men’s perfumes today, not only by mentioning what is trendy and new, but what is timeless and classic (w)ith a little bit of a history lesson about the use of ‘wood’ in fragrances.”


 “Blogs are already an important (and free!) source of inspiration and information and will only become more and more important in deciphering future codes in fashion, design and lifestyle. From time to time, Hall Five will be highlighting some of what we consider to be the best of the best. It’s not easy finding a really good blog about menswear so World Man About Town from London-based João Paulo Nunes makes a great read.” Hall Five


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