World Man About Town was founded in January 2010 by João Paulo Nunes with the intention to provide intelligent written and visual commentary on fashion, art, design, style, and everything that moves the modern urban male. As of October 2012, World Man About Town gave way to a bigger and better platform: check it out at THE STYLE EXAMINER.



7 responses to “About

  1. Love your blog! Great content.

  2. You should have a twitter acct my friend. This content is so good! Props.
    Tyrone Spencer

  3. Enrique


  4. ZBG

    I saw your link about the Kane Knot of facebook. I am rather glad I have a fascination for scarves, otherwise I wouldn’t have ended up on your blog.

    Your articles are very well written and researched. They are very informative indeed. From some of your recent articles, I particularly enjoyed the Kane Knot and Weston Scarves.

    I’ll be looking forward to read more on your blog.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Always insightful and great content…

  6. i love your site. Great work (0.o)2

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